Enhanced Dedicated Servers

You have selected an Enhanced Stratus Rack Dedicated Server with:
2.4 GHz dual core processor
500 hard drive
Linux (Windows available)

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Capable of Cloud Computing

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DNS Hosting: $5 per month 5 zones

Traffic Graphs: $5 per month

Addittional IP Addresses: One included, $2/month/additional
Additional IP requests are subject to ARIN justification requirements.

All orders are subject to the terms of service, including the Acceptable Use Policy.

The following activities are specifically banned:

  • Illegal activity
  • Unsolicited Commercial Email or Spam
  • Copyright, patent, or other intellectual property violation
  • Attempting to gain unauthoried access to any network, system, data, or equipment.
  • Attempting to interfere with the normal operations of any network, system, data, or equipment.

Please see the Acceptable Use Policy for full details.