Dual Colocation Data Centers

two data centers

The key to Stratus Rack's resilient IT infrastructure is a dual-site data center design, consisting of two separate facilities in Seattle and Tacoma, connected by a dedicated high-speed network. Stratus Rack has real-time data replication between our data centers. In the event that one is down, the other one can take over automatically.

Not every provider of colocation has Stratus Rack's multi-layered data protection. The term colocation refers to the shared use of a hosting center, not multiple locations. The multi-location backup of Stratus Rack's Windows and Linux colocation business web hosting provides a unique extra layer of security to ensure uninterrupted service from our fortified data centers.

Stratus Rack customers also benefit from virtual and dedicated server hosting in the USA. Locally hosted servers enjoy better latency and accessibility than their outsourced counterparts.

Our dual data centers are one of the reasons our customers enjoy 100% uptime.