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100% Uptime

Stratus Rack delivers a carrier-class ISP network with 100% uptime guarantees and very low latency. Stratus Rack multihoming utilizes redundant backups which eliminate any single point of failure.

Our network features multiple upstream providers. Each provider has a diverse fiber path with a separate building entrance point, terminating on separate routers. Our gateways are connected to our core network through redundant uplinks as are our distribution routers, for the ultimate redundancy and reliability.

Reliable Servers

Stratus Rack dedicated or virtual servers have internet connectivity from multiple service providers. In the event that internet connection from one source is disrupted, network internet access is not lost.

Our network features smart routing (BGP4) over three Tier1 providers in dual data centers. Multiple providers give our fortified data centers multiple internet access points and multiple connectivity fail safes.

Our internet access redundancies and data replication from dual data centers allow Stratus Rack to be a hosting company with dedicated and virtual servers capable of accommodating our 100% uptime guarantees.