Virtual Private Servers

Stratus Rack

While most modern businesses require web hosting for a variety of reasons, not every business needs an entire server dedicated to their applications. Most businesses don’t demand enough from their servers to justify spending for a dedicated server.

Stratus Rack helps businesses to get the performance they need, affordably. Virtual private servers (VPS) partition resources of a server to fulfill the hosting needs of a business without requiring that they pay for an entire server.

When sharing a server it is important to go with a source you trust.

While we offer cheap Windows and Linux virtual private server hosting (VPS), it is not at the expense of performance and quality.

Stratus Rack utilizes the facilities and staff of Optic Fusion to provide high performance virtual private servers. Using a virtual private server is a great way for a small or medium size business to get the hosting service they need at a low cost.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Want software hosted in the cloud? Stratus Rack's private servers are perfect for cloud computing and cloud storage. Cloud backups can protect your company's important and critical files. In addition to safeguarding the critical files, cloud backups provide a method of version control, allowing the files to be reverted back to a previous backup status.

Choose between Standard, Enhanced, and Professional server packages to tailor a virtual server to your business’ needs. Our configurations have plenty of flexibility for memory data storage, connection speeds, and operating systems for unmetered Windows and Linux virtual private server hosting.

If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

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